Monthly Archives: February 2008

Editorial: Why “Buried Treasure”?

I’m a computational biologist who tends to work on way too many projects at any one time. Many of these result in observations that I find interesting – but not interesting enough to bother writing up a manuscript and sending it to a peer-reviewed journal. In other cases the results were simply negative and no conclusions could be drawn. My disk may thus contain “buried treasure”.

My primary goal with this blog is to make my never-to-be-published observations openly available. As I don’t plan on continuing these projects, anyone is welcome to pick up a project and continue where I left off. I also plan on reporting negative results on this blog so that others can hopefully avoid repeating analyses that would lead them nowhere.

Please note that this blog is an experiment. Over the next few months I will try to write up a number of posts on various projects. After a test period, I will make up my mind about whether to continue or not. This depends on how many people read and comment my posts vs. how long it takes me to write the posts. Like for all other experiments, time will tell if it becomes a success.