Editorial: No intelligence involved

You may have heard about the controversial movie “Expelled: No intelligence Allowed” by Ben Stein in which people behind the intelligent design movement whine about being suppressed the scientific community. The truth is obviously that intelligent design is not a falsifiable theory and hence simply does not qualify as science.

However, the movie is also controversial in other respects. To start with the producers conned both Richard Dawkins and fellow blogger PZ Myers into participating in the movie by interviewing them under false pretense.

Richard Dawkins and PZ Myers thus both registered for participating in a public screening of the movie. But while queuing up for the movie, PZ Myers was identified by security officers and told to leave the premises – immediately! Oh the irony, oh the double standard. They make a movie about suppression of views, they call it “Expelled”, and then they expel a person whom you conned into participating in the movie because you disagree with his views.

But it gets even better. The very same security officers were apparently oblivious to the fact that Richard Dawkins was standing right next to PZ Myers and thus let him enter to watch the movie. PZ Myers immediately wrote a blog post about it, while the movie was still being shown to the audience – including Richard Dawkins.

After the movie, Richard Dawkins (of course) stood up and asked why PZ Myers was not allowed to see the movie. The answer? Because he did not have a ticket and was thus a gate crasher! Very interesting explanation since it was not a ticket event – you simply had to register a seat, which PZ Myers had done.

The two gentlemen have now posted an interesting little discussion on YouTube in which they humorously describe the incident as well as just how bad the movie really is:

Richard Dawkins also reveals that Expelled includes one of the beautiful movies produced by the multimedia team at Harvard. You really have to wonder if they actually got permission for that, if they conned the people at Harvard as well, or if they just resorted to plain old plagiarism. In any case, this has to be one of the biggest PR disasters ever made by the intelligent design movement.

Expelled from Expelled: no intelligence involved.

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