Monthly Archives: March 2008

Editorial: One month anniversary

When I launched this blog just a month ago, I wrote that it was an experiment and that I would later evaluate if it was worthwhile to continue. I am very happy to already now be able to declare the experiment a success. With over 2000 views during the first month and around 50 subscriptions to the RSS feed, Buried Treasure is certainly worthwhile writing – I hope you also find it worthwhile reading.

In the near future I plan to experiment with live blogging. The idea is to provide coverage of the conferences and meetings that I attend. To avoid polluting my blog with dozens of short posts consisting of just one or two sentences and a photo, I have setup an associated Picasa web album. This is where the main action will happen – I plan to post only highlights and summaries here on the blog. You can find the RSS feeds for the album and the blog in the sidebar.