Job: Bioinformatics scientist in Protein Production Unit of the NNF Center for Protein Research

At the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Protein Research we are looking for a scientist to provide bioinformatics support for the Protein Production Unit. For further details, please see the job advert below the fold.

Scientist, Bioinformatics, Protein Production Unit

Tenure: Until 31st Dec. 2012, with a potential extension of five years

Employment Conditions
Employment will be in accordance with the provisions of the collective agreement between the Danish Government and AC (the Danish Confederation of Professional Associations). The position will be at the level of postdoctoral fellow. To the basic salary, a monthly contribution to a pension fund is added (17.1% of the salary), and a supplement could be negotiated, dependent on the candidate’s experiences and qualifications. In all cases, ability to perform the job will be the primary consideration, and thus we encourage all – regardless of their personal background and status – to apply.

The Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Protein Research (CPR) has recently been established at the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Copenhagen, to promote basic and applied discovery research on human proteins of medical relevance. The Center comprises a wide range of expertise and resources, from in silico target identification to proteomics, high throughput protein production and characterization, chemical biology, disease mechanisms and protein therapeutics. To date, around 60 scientists have been recruited (out of an expected ~150). To be able to carry out these activities and to establish the CPR as an internationally competitive organization focused on medically relevant proteins, we are now emphasizing and adding resources to our Protein Production Unit.

The Protein Production Unit at the Center is responsible for the establishment of a systematic, efficient and cost effective approach; using high throughput protein production, purification and characterization methods. The Unit should be able to produce and characterize a large number of medically relevant proteins. The unit is expected to grow to around 15 staff members within the near future.

The Protein Production Unit is a key research group at the Center – facilitating collaborations internally and externally – to further our knowledge of medically relevant proteins, using a protein family and pathway approach. In addition to collaborative scientific projects, the Unit is expected to generate results of scientific significance and impact, primarily focused on methods development and optimization. Thus, to strengthen our capabilities in bioinformatics we are now seeking an excellent scientist in this field, to actively participate in and support our research projects.


  • The post holder will report to the Head of Protein Production Unit, and ultimately to the Managing Director of the Center.
  • The post holder is expected to interact with staff at all levels, both internally and externally, regarding relevant research topics.

Job Description

  1. To take major responsibility for the development, implementation and maintenance of the CPR target and workflow bioinformatics databases and systems, with specific focus on our protein target list.
  2. To develop novel approaches and methods for sequence searching (including entry clone identification) data warehousing, visualisation and mining in order to improve CPR staff efficiency and productivity.
  3. Take main responsibility for protein domain analysis, including e.g. PFAM and SMART domain definitions, fold recognition, secondary structure prediction and construct design for protein expression.
  4. To take responsibility for functional as well as structural analysis of prioritized protein targets and design of rationally modified variants of proteins, including both site directed mutagenesis and chemical modifications.
  5. To assist in the development and implementation of methodologies and technologies for bio- and structural informatics relating to the target classes/biology areas pursued by the CPR, and thus ensuring that our research units meet their targets and deliverables.
  6. To participate in networks and collaborations with the international research community in general and the regional research community in particular.
  7. To carry out any other relevant duties that may reasonably be associated with the post and which may be required from time to time.
  8. To demonstrate international reputation through scientific publications and presentations at international symposia.

Experience/skills required
Essential criteria

  • International scientific reputation in relevant area.
  • Documented expertise in bioinformatics, including experience in computer programming for the analysis of biological sequences.
  • Experience with protein design for recombinant expression in E. coli and eukaryotic cells, including site-directed deletion/mutations.
  • Solid knowledge relating to handling of computers, databases, molecular modeling tools as well as programming.
  • Good scientific publication and methods development record.
  • Proven troubleshooting and analytical ability, excellent attention to detail.
  • A track record in devising innovative scientific or technical solutions.
  • Excellent communication skills, both oral and written.

Desirable criteria

  • Scientific knowledge of the process, from molecular biology to protein characterization and functional analysis.
  • Experience with protein structure determination and/or modelling.
  • Experience from the high throughput and parallel processing of protein targets, e.g. from Structural or Functional Genomics organizations.
  • Experience in analysis and visualisation of complex data.

Qualifications required
A PhD in Bioinformatics or other relevant area is required. Solid experience and excellent track record from leading laboratories in the research field will be considered a distinct advantage.

For further information, please contact Michael Sundström, Managing Director, CPR,

Your application marked “211-0038/09-3850 Scientist, Bioinformatics ” including a CV must be at the NNF Center for Protein Research no later than January 22nd 2010 . Your application should be sent by e-mail to

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