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Job: Bioinformatics position in new informatics cluster

Bioinformatics position in the new informatics cluster supporting the Novo Nordisk Foundation Centers for Stem Cell Biology and Protein Research.

The NNF Centers for Protein Research (CPR) and Stem Cell Biology (DanStem) at Faculty of Health & Medical Sciences at the University of Copenhagen are establishing a new integrated informatics core that will cover a range of technologies. This new core was recently expanded to include bioinformatics as a result of our establishing a new platform for single cell sequencing. We are currently looking for an ambitious bioinformatician who will assist with NGS analysis with in this core and provide new bioinformatics pipelines to individual scientists with in both centers. The individual will be imbedded in a bioinformatics core with expertise that will include NGS, proteomics, and image data analysis. The bioinformatician will join the centers starting from November 2017 or upon specific agreement.

Job description

The job will sit at the nexus of the two centers and astride several existing joint efforts to bridge computational technologies including image analysis and single cell sequencing. The tasks associated with this position will include providing bioinformatics support to our scientists, constructing pipelines for their analyses, and running courses that will help them acquire bioinformatics literacy. In particular this position will be responsible for developing and executing projects with other center scientists and helping them to make the best use of their own data and that already in the public domain.

The application deadline October 15th, 2017. For further details, please refer to official job ad.